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TETRA SIGNUM has been advised by some of the best cardiothoracic, emergency and mental health care professionals locally and abroad.
We are a group of skilled IT professionals in advanced ICT technologies such as Extended Reality (XR), Augmented Reality (AR), AI, and Big Data.
With solutions based on leading medical technology and optimal digital technology, we aim to solve inefficiencies in the traditional medical field.
We want to transform the various social problems that arise in health care.


Medical Experience Solutions

Self-directed VR CPR Education
According to ‘Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 2015’, the number one cause of deaths worldwide is heart disease. To survive a cardiac arrest, immediate CPR and use of an AED are needed within 4 minutes. However, current CPR education is limited and people still hesitate to perform CPR in real-life emergencies. Our CBS_VR CPR education solution allows people to learn more easily and accurately. Advised by medical professionals, we have created real-life scenarios where the user can select the level and place to fit their needs. Learners are able to take a refresher anytime with our step-by-step standard procedures equipped with real-time feedback, pressure sensors, breath sensors and data storage with detailed results. We will change the CPR education paradigm to help make the world a safer place.

Surgery Education VR Content
Doctors need the ability to practice standard procedures in a realistic environment to aid in fine-tuning their skills. However, the current system does not allow for doctors to receive the practice they require.

TETRA SIGNUM’s aim is to offer realistic training modules to aid in a doctor’s development. These realistic training modules will allow a doctor to select the necessary content in preparation of a pending procedure. Immersive medical training for professionals to help refresh and enhance memory.

Doctors and Nurses Basic Skills MR
Our goal is to contribute to fostering medical professionals around the world through innovative healthcare solutions. To improve problems and inefficiencies that have not been addressed or innovated for decades.

Scripted by leading health professionals, we will cover various skills ranging from hospital administration to basic patient care and monitoring vital signs to standard injections. Step-by-step immersive education with detailed user results. Using high-quality haptic devices, we provide a realistic training environment.

Dementia Care VR
Due to ageing populations, worldwide cases of dementia are increasing at exponential rates. This has a huge impact on normal family life and hospital costs. Alzheimer’s Disease International reported that in 2015 there were 46.8 million cases of dementia worldwide. It is projected that by 2030 there will be 74.7 million cases and by 2050, 131.5 million cases.

Our solutions have been developed to aid in normal family life and the costs associated with basic treatment. Instead of travelling outside of the home, people can receive the proper treatment within the comfort of their own home. Without the aid of expensive healthcare providers, we aim to offer the next best thing.

Mental Care VR
According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 US adults experience mental illness each year. Most have trouble recovering and never feel fully accepted in society.

Our aim is to use our VR solutions to help those in need. We created customized environments to help patients deal with phobias and general users deal with everyday life.

Medical Device User Manuals MR
In 2014, the medical global device market reached 3,403 billion dollars and in 2019 it is expected to top 4,678 billion dollars. Thanks to innovation, these numbers are expected to rise with medical devices becoming smarter and more compact. However, innovation doesn’t always mean easier to use. Our aim is to provide immersive training solutions that allows users to take advantage of today’s and tomorrow’s latest innovations.


CBS 2.0

CBS 2.0 is Comperssions, Breaths, Saving.
A Self-directed VR CPR Education Solution.

CBS 2.0 is a self-directed learning VR solution for educating people who do not know CPR.
Through artificial intelligence, you will learn the correct method of CPR and make it possible to perform CPR with confidence in an emergency.




Dr. Sang-hoon Jheon, M.D., Ph.D.

Founder / Chairman

Young-il Song

Co-Founder / CEO

Shin-weon Sung

Vice president / CCO

Mike Dowding

Director International business

Dr.Yoo-Hwan Jo M.D., PhD.

Professor of Emergency Medicine Seoul National University

Dr.Eok-Sung Park M.D., PhD.

Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery Busan Bumin Hospital

Dr.Ki-Woong Kim M.D., PhD.

Director, Nat’l Institute of Dementia Professor of Psychiatry Seoul National University
wonjae lee

Dr. Won-jae Lee M.D., PhD.

MD International Healthcare Center/Cardiovascular Center,
Cardiology Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Dr.Jin-Haeng Chung M.D., PhD.

Professor of Pathology Seoul National University

Dr.Jung-Hyun Kim M.D., PhD.

Professor of Psychiatry Seoul National University
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Dr.Hak-Jong Lee M.D., PhD.

Professor of Radiology Seoul National University